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    Hey buddy, do you have $10 that you can spare? Nope, sorry, not today. By giving that fellow $10 you could have received more than that in the near future from prizes only available to Star Members of the USCA.

    Extra, extra read all about it, says the fellow selling newspapers. It only cost you 75 cents or a buck or so everyday to keep up with current events and sports stuff, costing you several hundred dollars a year. Yet, for ten bucks you can get the same informations and more, real current like 24/7/365. NASCAR fans, did you know that the USCA offers you up to date informations on the races, drivers, crew, etc. Same goes for boat repairs, electronics, fishing gear, boat setups for cattin', and on and one.

    For the cost of two packs of cigarettes or a couple of beers at your favorite haunt, you could be a Star Member and receive more than you ever expected.

    For ten bucks, you could get a 10% discount from some of our USCA fishing guides, did you know that. That's a value of $20 to $25, not a bad return on that ten bucks, is it.

    Food for thought, if newspapers and magazines which charge great sums to run advertisements in their publications made so much money, they should/would not have to charge for their papers or magazines, would they. But they do, because advertisement fees do not cover the cost of doing business.

    Every day, someone or a bunch of someones gets more than ten dollars worth of knowledge, advice, laughs, companionship, contacts, prizes, etc. by being a member of the USCA, plus the Star Members get that and much more.

    Did you know that for less that three cents a day you could be a Star Member, yep you could. You already know the benefits, so why don't you check out your couch, console in your truck or car and pick up them nickels, dimes and quarters and swap them for a ten spot and buy yourself a spot on the Star Members Program. You will never regret it and someday you might thank me for this reminder.

    Hey buddy, I like that Star you have next to your Avatar, welcome to the club.
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    Mac you are 100% right brother thanks for a great post

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    I agree with Mac... 100%.

    My question is - why are some star members displayed in the traditional Star and some are displayed with a dead catfish like symbol?

    Personally, I don't care if you are a star member or not. All the information, friendship, and good natured harassment are free for everyone. I probable cost the USCA more than my membership donation covers.


    You could easily get your $10 worth of information in the first 1/2 hour on here!
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    Mac great thread you started . As of now there are about 5-6 contest going on for star members ,also you get a pin on a interactive google map as well :Happy:
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    Good thread guys. Map is updated, may be a few that fell through the crack, and a couple double pins.. :excruciating: