Urban Fishing Saturday Night 4/29

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARIZONA TALK' started by topjimmy, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. topjimmy

    topjimmy New Member

    Who's going urban fishing Saturday night? I can't afford to drive too far this weekend, I am going to Desert West if I have to go solo, but if someone wants to meet up I will go elsewhere. Maybe Papago, Kiwanis, or Tempe Town?

    If you have a better idea, let me in on it. Later!
  2. Tym2Fish

    Tym2Fish New Member

    Scottsdale Arizona
    I vote for Bartlett!!!!!

  3. tdpasser

    tdpasser New Member

    Gilbert AZ
    Don't know if you guys have fished the urban lake in Gilbert at reparian or library lake on greenfield and guadlupe. They have big channels and it best fish in the evenings or real early. I fish 3 minnow on the bottom or a minnow on a slip bobber. Okay are you ready my hot spot is the hole where the man made stream come in the lake it very deep there for an urban at least. I take my boys there when i'm oncall because I'm in phone range and can get logged on back home in about 20-30 minutes.