Upper Wabash River

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    Had a good night on the river last saturday. Got to the river about 7pm and fished till about 11PM without a single hit. Right at 11PM the GF landed a nice 8lb flathead on a small gill. After that I had a good hit around midnight lost the fish due to the hook going back into the bait.:angry: Somewhere around 1:30 I landed a small 1.5lb flatty(pretty cool to see a small one),right when I got that pole back in the water another rod took off and I landed a nice 6.5lb flatty. Sat for another hour without a hit and called it quittin time. While reeling in the last rod (new Berkely glo-stick) BAM, somethin hit the bait hard and loaded the rod up good " FLATHEAD ON!!! " He made several runs at some deeper water, got him to the bank and got hold of his mouth but he wasn't done yet,lol. This one went 23lb, not a bad fish at all. I don't know why but he was very agressive even on the bank. All of the larger fish caught that night had alot of scars on them but bit very light. Except for the 23lb.
    I only have a crappy cellphone pic of the first flatty, sorry. All the fish but one of the small ones went right back in the river.
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    Sounds like a good trip, thanks for the report.

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    Sarver, Pa
    Thanks for the report Josh! Too bad about not getting any pics! :sad2: Sounds like a fun night on the water! :cool2:
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    Sure is nice to end with a fish when it's time to go. But that makes it harder to leave the next time .... just 5 more minutes...