upper osage on truman with the gang

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    I went to fish with some good friends at osceola friday and saturday night met alot of the guys off the boc I just got home home and have been up over 24 hrs so to all the guys i met I had a great time at camp and enjoyed you all ..,,, sorry im so sleepy to name all of ya , but it was a great bunch of guys !!!!!! :big_smile::big_smile:

    had 2 other guys in my boat both nights friday we caught all 3 species , a nice 5 lb channel ,, a 5 lb blue and 2 flatheads a 13 lber or so and a 4 lber . so that was cool :wink::big_smile:

    but the funny part is we caught like 3 gar and 5 soft shell turtles. yes i said 5 soft shell turtles on rod and reel :smile2::eek:oooh::crazy: what a hoot !!!!

    then last night caught a blue around 26 lbs and another darn turtle :crazy::eek:oooh::smile2: .

    friday night a couple of guys in another boat boat smacked a 20 lb flathead :big_smile::big_smile: and a smaller blue

    and another boat got 2 nice channels

    last night 1 boat caught a snapping turtle

    and 2 guys fished from the bank and smacked 2 nice blue cats around 20 lbs

    the turtles are on fire and hittin good !!!!! so get over there and catch some for grannys turtle soup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao

    im sure I missed some of the other guys catches im just tired right now so im sorry if i didnt report everything caught , and im terrible with with names .

    but guys i had a great time and it was nice to meet you all and hang out with yas

    boy ooo boy was the BS flying around camp lmao It was so neat seeing everybodies boats and rigs !!!! and all the awsome fish stories !!!!!

    yeppers wouldnt ya know it we had a thunder storm roll in and got everything wet :angry: lol rained just long enough to soak everything lol but didnt last too long so that was good !!!!

    not sure if anybody got pics or not

    the lake was really down from when i was there before and was funny seeing dry land and mud where i caught fish the last time i was in that area ..

    we could barley get out of the cove from the boat ramp some spots like 1 foot of water ... ugggggg lol o well we all made it back on the trailors today thank goodness !!!!

    again nice meeting all of you great people !!!!!!!

    hope you all make it home safe and get some rest ....
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    Yep sure was fun Scotty. Wish I coulda been down all weekend. I guess i got outta there just in time to miss the rain:smile2: Lots of nice people there for sure. I had a blast fishin with morris he is a hoot to be round and a heck of a good guy. Dont worry morris youll get some steaks some day. If i missed any of yall down at the gatherin i appologize and im sure we meet agian soon. Time to crash see yall later:big_smile:

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    collins mo
    Was glad, met Boc members can't remember, every ones name, (old age) and listen to storys,and ate some good food, had a good cook, maybe a Trutle roast,? next time, Thanks to, the Earls for putting it together and the cooking and Thanks to Steve for use of his awning,
    during the rain.
  4. sjohn58

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    What ramp did you guy use?
    What bait was used?
    Glad you got together with your BOC buddys
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    Great weekend. Caught a few fish on limb lines last night and just had a good time. Water was low though.
  6. 1elkhunter

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    Grain Valley Mo
    What was the bait of choice? Big greens, hardshells or cut?
  7. catman-j

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    Eastern Nebr
    wish I coulda been there.
  8. medford

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    pleasant h
    every one had a good time it was a blast being with the gang what memories and good times:wink: