Upper lake Marion Flathead questions

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    I've never caught a Flathead.

    Since finding the BOC I've decided to expand my fishing to include these fish. I'm adequate at catching Blues (PB #58) and regularly catch nice fish. I usually fish my regular holes that are known to produce Blues and are mainly in areas with clean bottoms to avoid the snags...not good Flathead territory. My tackle is stout and up to the challenge but my knowledge is not.

    Long rides from Packs are out of the question as I'll be fishing from a pontoon or a jon which limits my options as far as water depth is concerned. Packs and Elliots flats do not have a lot of deep water but I do know of some holes (prolly old ponds from before the lake was flooded). There is access to the river but the deeper water is usually on the outside of the bends in swift water. I've always fished the river on the inside of the bends where the shallow bars drop of to a little deeper water and slow the current.

    I prefer the cooler weather months simply for comfort and my belief that forage is more scarce and the cats are a little more hungry...I've always used cut bait...shad, herring, bream ,perch and had good success but no Flatties. My confidence is not high using live bait for Cats...just don't feel there is enough scent to attract fish.

    I know I'm going to have to use live baits and get in some structure but just need a few tips on tackle and a general overview of how,when and where Flatheads feed and spend most of their time through the seasons on Marion to help me get my first Flattie.

    Given my style of fishing and the fact that I'm a self professed, can't tell me nothing, hard head what do you think would be my best chance to boat a nice one?

    I'm still gonna have some cut baits on...just in case
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    Larry you are on the right track live bait and some deeper holes with plenty of structure. As far as cut or live in the lake I have caught more flatties on cut bait than live but the real big boys love a good live bait. I think with the water being as low as it is around the blowout right on the drops or in the middle of the river will be a good place to start your search. When the water drops the fish seem to move towards the natrual underwater streams and rivers. Fish tight on the structure but not in it and dont be afraid to fish away from it also. The scent trail will lure them out. Good luck.

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    all the ones we have caught this year have came from white perch or herring drifting whole baits dead. i havent tried bream but heard a rumor from the tour. last weekend that the flats liked bream heads too.:wink: might try some live ones next time if i can anchor. im ready for a big one. find you a good steep ledge in 25-40ft range and try it. also if there is a small ditch running from that steep ledge back up onto a flat it can be good too when the fish are real active and searching for food. them ditches are the highway to supper for flats i think. im not sure on what current is doing to these flats but its amazing how much current is out in that lower lake at times.