Upper End of Cape Fear Yesterday

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    My friend came by yesterday morning and we headed up to the 42 ramp. Got the boat unloaded aboout 9:00. As it was her first trip with me on this boat took a little explaining and her getting used to it. We first went up to the bottom side of Jordan and anchored a few hundred yards below the dam. Caught a few eatting size channels up to 2-3 lbs. and tons of real small channels. Couold hardly use two rods. Enough water coming out of Jordan to almost make you sea-sick but nothing like last week. When we had reached the well done stage in the sun we headed back down river. On the left side of the river I saw a limb line and it was moving. Don't usually see them that far up river. NO tag, no name nothing. I cut it and pulled a blue into the boat about 10 to 12 pounds. I sure wish I had carried my camera on this trip. His mouth was so torn up I'm not sure he survived. He was very lively so I think he had a good chance. I guess the line was just forgotten, it could not have been missed as obvious as it was. I hope no one than visits or is a member here owned that line. If so I have it and you are welcome to it if you will contact me. PM me and we will arrange a time and place. I do limb line and set trot lines some times. I always make sure I'm following NCWLRC rules. Don't need nor can I pay any finds. This fish would have died a slow and painful death. He had been there several days as close to the top of the water as he was. Don't believe anyone would have set that close to the surface. Took a lot of the pleasure out of the trip for my partner. I think she felt so sorry for that fish she felt guilty about catching any more. Were a few biting shrimp and liver right where the Haw and Deep meet in the deep hole there. Anyway a good day even though it was hot as ------ !
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    can't beat a good day fishing and saving a nice fish like that was a good thing.

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    Nice save!!! I just don't think people realize the damage they can cause if those limb lines are not checked and just how fast catfish can die being attached to a limb line...