Update on the little project boat...

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    Cumming, GA
    Well, I worked on the boat some during the past few weeks! Something to use when I don't want to paddle the yak! Got the boat and trailer cleaned up a bit. Added longer bunks to the trailer, a new winch, new wheels and tires, paint and a tongue jack. The boat so far has gotten a couple of seats and a few rod holders.

    The evinrude 9.5 fired up, been over ten years since the motor cranked, I am probably going to take it somewhere to get it tuned up, it did take a few pulls!

    I am going to add a couple of rod holders up front, a transducer for one of my fishfinders, and I should be ready go go cattin!

    Attached a couple of pics of the little fishin machine (the last one is a dirty before pic)!

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  2. stoney53

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    looks like it should do the job thanks for the post

  3. MRR

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    Looking Good.Aren't they fun to put together the way you want them to be.
    Enjoy your new ride and stay safe out there.