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    I had my interview for what turns out not to be for a new book but, for a mag. called Automotive, or somthing like that.I was asked all of the soft qustions like age, how long I worked for G.M.,if I was still working ,and what I was doing now that Iam retired.And yes I did memtion the BOC!They asked me why Saturn didnt make it as a stand alone company. I told him that Saturn was set up to fail by the rules G.M. set for hireing. when I was hired I had a 22 page applacation, was flowen down to Spring Hill for an interview.By the time Saturn hired a 2nd and third shift,all you needed to do was 2 page app.and never got interviewed.He asked me what I would do to save G.M.? I mean really what would I know about that.
    As far as the photo shoot that was really cool.It was set up outside the hotel. They had lights two back drops, the whole bit!People were driving by rubbernecking.I held my belly in for 20 mins.as the photographer took pics.He told me to look happy, worried, greatful.and get this he asked me to look "stern". Heck I dont even know what stern is.So I gave them my one eyebrow look.He took pics of me w/o coat,with coat.must have taken 100 pic of me.I had to sign a model releace, and I now have a modleing portfolio. Haha
    Anyway the article will be in the feb. issue, and alot of fun.
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    Now with your modeling career off and running, are you going to hire someone to monitor and post on the BOC for you. Congrats to ya

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    Also do you need someone to drive you around to your favorite fishin holes etc.How about bodyguards?:roll_eyes:Don't want nothing happening to our newest celerity.:smile2: Sounds like you had fun anyway.
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    Joe, that really sounds like something. They will probably send you some pictures and you can post them. Neat!
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    Yeah if they give you any of them please post some for us! Sounds like an interesting endeavor.:wink: