Update on GATOR'S Brother (sunday)

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Wally, May 20, 2007.

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    Please keep Johnny, Darlene and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

    Sunday 20 May 4:27 PM edt
    The surgery went well today. There was one small area that needed attention, so Dr. Bynoe fixed it. He said he was, overall, very pleased with surgery today. The belly is still open and there will be repeat trips to the OR. Johnny will stay on the ventilator for now.

    Johnny was moved from CVICU to another intensive care unit so that Dr. Bynoe would have better access to him. The cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons agree that from a heart standpoint, Johnny is stable. We just have to get his belly under control.

    We are certainly moving in the right direction and I'm excited to have Johnny among friends and with people we know and trust.

    Say a prayer for the staff of STICU and our doctors. Keep Johnny in your prayers. And pray for renewed strength for me.

    In the earliest days of this event, I was afraid we wouldn't have much time together. Today, I'm so thankful to have the problems we have because the alternative, just isn't an alternative. As tired as I feel, I am thankful.
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    Wally you are a great man posting these. Great idea to copy and paste these updates that we are getting via email.

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    Thanks for letting us know, we'll keep praying.