Update on Burnsville Lake

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  1. Here is a small up date on Burnsville Lake, WV. Lake is at summer pool, not much flathead fishing going on yet. But the crappie is hitting real good. Some walleye are being caught. And the tail waters are stocked with trout.
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    Thanks for the update.
    I fell sort of stupid, I didnt even know you were a member of the BOC. Your one of the reasons I got into cattin'. I couldn't stop thinking of those big cats after seeing your show.

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    Darrell, thanx for the update, Im hoping to get there this year to catch a few flatheads.
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    Cool Keep Em Coming
  5. I like to encourage catch and release on Burnsville lake. And don't forget to take lots of pics for the BOC. Reason is Burnsville is a fairly small lake, and the state will not stock flatheads but will stock channels. So if anyone gets the urge to eat catfish, please make it channels. It I kept all the flatheads I caught,they would not be any. We have caught the same flathead twice, the thrill is there no many how many times you catch him. Yes we tag. Talking about tags. If you catch a taged flathead in Burnsville Lake. Please bring it to the boat docks and have it weighted for me so I can see how much it has growen since I released him.
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    hey i was just wondering if anyone has been doing anygood at burnsville lake yet this year..... we are planning on taking my boat memorial day weekend and trying to catch some of those big cats.........
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    My buddy and I aren't too far from Burnsville, and I wondered if it would be worth a trip. What do you guys use for bait up there? We're used to using shad down here in the Kanawha.