Update about baby Ethan!!

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    Sorry it took so long, my computer died right in the middle of the national Unified Day of Prayer for Ethan and I have been with out for 3 weeks.....so here goes.....

    Ethan had a marrow asperate that came back 58% leukemia. That is really bad. That was 3 weeks ago. The drs decided to try one more chemo...and if that did not work, Ethan was going home to live out his days.

    So, we came up with a Unified Prayer day and we had about 200+ churches set aside a time to pray for Ethan on June 10.

    Ethan had another marrow asperate on this past monday. This was the big one, this determined his fate. NOW HOLD ON TO YOUR CHAIRS.......IT CAME BACK 0% LEUKEMIA. That is right. 0%. He has no bad cells, no good cells...he has a clean slate. Now, dont get me wrong..that is good but still a long way to go. He is going to continue the chemo and he is being prepped for an experimental stem cell transplant in the coming weeks. No donor was found, so they are using his daddys stem cells.

    Please continue to pray for him.

    His website is www.ethanpowell.com

    You can order PRAY FOR ETHAN bracelets and so forth. Proceeds go to Ethans family to help with costs.

    PS...there are also some really cute new photos of him as well!
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    I am one of your prayer warriors,Ethan is my Screen Saver,you are so right he is so cute and precious. I have contacted a man named Greg about getting t-shirts for me and my daughter.Also TriCities Church of Christ where I am a member has been praying for Ethan.If there is anything I can do to assist you let me know. I love that little baby and I am so happy that Monday was such a Huge Success!--------Sister Pat:big_smile:

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    Yuma, Arizona
    Blessings are prayed for from here. May Ethan come through this completely free of that sickness.