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UPC Question

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Dose anyone out here know anything about UPC codes and how you go about get the? Can you create your own or is there some big corporation or branch of the government out there that controls them? Where can you get them made? Or anything along those lines. Any help would be nice and thanks in advance.
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Naturally, there is a big organization:

There are other places that can advertise they can sell you one, google can lead you to them, dont know how well they work though.

Gator, you fixing to open a store or something. LOL.
Check somewhere like Staples or Office Max. I think I have seen them somewhere before.
Do you have an RN#? We use Paxar/Monarch. Some we make ourselves and some are purchased from them or the buyer designates them to a supplier and we purchase from the supplier the buyer ordered them from.

Hope this helps.
welcome aboard cheryl
Jim, I'll make a couple calls today and see what my suppliers ay about it.
I'll either phone ya, chat or email the answer bro.
(she forgot to call, didn't she?)
Did this get resolved? Enquiring minds want to know.
Jim, my brother has a membership in the ucc. If you need a bar code, he'll help you out. No charge.

I'll call you later.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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