Up River Current Breaks

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    Original post made by Steve Adams(Coach) on February 24, 2004

    Upriver current break

    In every eddy there is a current seam where the eddy water comes back around and hits the main current. This seam should run at about a 45 degree angle AWAY from the eddy at the head of the eddy(upriver end of the eddy). Some seams will extend a half mile down stream before it starts to re-enter the eddy on the downstream end of the eddy. I hope you can see this description !!!!! As for drifting it, there will be an EYE in the eddy, usually where the foam or logs or sticks are just sitting almost stationary or going in a real tight circle. I have hung quite a few good fish just sitting in the eye and bumping the bottom(not good on windy days, you'll blow out of the eye). That eye is usually right over the deepest part of the hole.