Up and down week on LKN

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    Tuesday, I had a party of three and we fished the Stumpy Creek and Cornelius Creek areas. We had strong winds out of the SW and NW and the water temp. had dropped 7 degrees from Sunday. We did not get skunked and managed to catch a few. Still managed to get a tip. Five hour trip because the bite was slow.

    Thursday, I had a party of two elder gent's and they wanted to fish the Camp Dogwood area. Wind was lite and variable and I had black salties and Skip Jack for bait. We caught one blue and a bunch of channel cats. These guys were generous with their tip. Four and one half hour trip.

    Friday, I fished today with my fishing buddy Cliff, and we caught a bunch of fish, not all cats. On the catfish side, we put five in the boat, two blues, one of which weighed 12.5 pounds, two flathead, one which weighed 11.5 pounds and a channel cat. Them there were the white perch and the best we could estimate, we had between 35 and 40. Last but not the least, we jigged up 18+ small spotted bass which were schooling in 35 feet of water. Four hour trip.
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    good report mac at least your having fun even if it aint cats

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    Deffinately good report. Way to stay with it, Stumpy Creek is my old stompin grounds. My dad and his brother built about 75% of the docks that are in Stumpy. Ours was the only one left after Hugo came through, sank the boats at the dock but the dock was still there!
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    Just make sure you can get us on some hogs Nov 7th!!!!! haha, cant wait Mac