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    I'll be attending Eastern Carolina University next year, in Greenville, NC. I know it's near the beach, a fact I'm very excited about, because I'll be saltwater fishing like no other. However, upon looking at a satellite image of the area around it, I did come across a river that passes under the Hwy 264 and Hwy 13 bridges. It's just north of the campus. What river is this, and are there a considerable amount of catfishing going on in here? It seems that it's far enough from the ocean to be really salinic, but I don't know that for a fact, because I only started river fishing in general, fairly recently.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    I believe that would be the Pamlico River. I have not fished it..yet! But if its like the rest of the rivers we have her in Eastern NC. It will have cats, bass, chain pickerel, among other gilled critters. I fish the rivers just south of you.


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    That is the Tar/Pamlico river. Name changes to Pamlico here in Washington NC. (16 miles from Greenville) You can catch a variety of fresh and salt water fish because of the brackish nature of the water here. Tends to be much more fresh by greenville but small flounder and the occasional specled trout have been caught in town there. It is a wind driven tide so if the wind is blowing up river it pushes the salt farther up. With the poor rainfall we have had this last year it has goten quite salty and we have had the best Speck Trout fishing EVER. But any given day you can catch LM Bass, Bream, Cats ( I havent hooked any big ones yet but they are here), Gar,Crappie, Yellow perch, Stripers ( called "Rock" fish around here), Redfish (Red Drum), Flounder, Bowfin, Shad and as you proceed on down toward pamlico Sound Tarpon and a variety of other salties in the Sound. For fishing around Greenville, keep the freshwater style of fishing, but as you come down my way be prepared to find saltwater species.... Give me a shout when you get this way!
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    its the tar river, and u have the neuse just south too