Unit's registered.

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    Just a heads up guys..
    When you buy a new unit. Register it and then when and if you have any warranty problems. The company will take care of you.
    Theres so may people that save the receipt and then can't find it when they need warrant work. but if you fill out that little card and send it in like they ask. Theres not a problem.
    Say my humminbird 987c-SI had bit the dust 7 months after buying it. If I did not register it and not find the receipt. And they would not fix it on warranty. Well I would just have to be happy and pay the fee to fix it. As they do not have any way to know its only 7 months old.
    Just takes a few and saves a lot of problems..
    I have seen it many times. People talking bad about customer service. When it was not them. They deal with hundreds of people each day. Some are telling the truth.Others may be trying to get a unit that is 6 months out of warranty.