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    I have an old reel and need help with info on when its Birthday was,Its on a metal rod that is 43 inches long,the reel is Baitcasting stile and has a bait click ,name on reel is UNION Hardware Company,Torrington Conn.does any one know about this reel?:confused2:
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    For about 12 years I loved and used a steel rod given to me in the early sixty's in S.E.Georgia.It was about the length you mentioned.I used it with Zebco 808-888's for a heavy cover rig.It was a great rig for short casting of plugs,live and dead bait.I caught Chain Pickerel,Cat fish,Stripe Bass,White Bass,Hybrid Bass along with the Gar,Bow fin and Largemouth Bass that I do not target or fish for.It finely rusted beyond use as it was rusted some when it was given to me.It was given to the person that gave it to me so I have no information about it or any reel.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee

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    Hi Eddie,

    I really don't know anything about the reel in question, however I found a bit of information on the internet about your reel.

    "Q3: We have a reel that was handed down through four generations and would like information on it. The imprinted words on the reel are Samson Union Hardware Company Torrington, Conn. Made in USA. I don't know if that holds any significance but those are the only markings/wording found on the reel. It also holds 60-80 yds of line. It is made of solid brass. There are no dents, bends or major scratches to this reel. [Pictures attached.]
    A: Union Hardware made at least two versions of the Samson. The other had a hinge at the bottom of the front plate so you could open the reel by swinging it down away from the spool. The design was patented in 1906. I don't know if they produced both styles at the same time or one model is earlier than the other."

    If you would like, I can PM you the website address where the above information is located (let me know). Hope this sheds some light on your question.