Underwater cameras

Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by scwolf, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. scwolf

    scwolf Member

    South Carolina
    does anyone have any experience using the underwater cameras? I've thought about buying one just to play around with.
  2. Catfish_Commando

    Catfish_Commando TF Staff Member


    I got one 2 years ago, unless the water is relatively clear, you wont be impressed much.

    Technology may have changed in the last 24 months?

  3. AZflats

    AZflats New Member

    Peoria, Arizona
    My thoughts exactly~ I tried an Aqu~Vue earlier in the year, unless the object you are trying to vue was inches in front of the lense, It don't help much.

    * I'd bet, it works well if your fishing clear water.
  4. Little Mac

    Little Mac Well-Known Member

    NW Arkansa
    Topsgtlawrence has one of those things, I played with it one day and never seen anything but turbulance............... Worthless if ya ask me. Mac
  5. olefin

    olefin New Member

    Like others have said... the water must be clear, you can see about the same as the human eye underwater but not near the width of view. I've seen crappie, bass, bream and some channel cats on mine. Also used it to pinpoint structure then mark it on GPS. Not the best fishing tool but kind of fun to use. I have the Aqua-Vu LCD spool.
  6. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    Fishing is an addiction. Fishing tackle makers realize this.
    You can take half the stuff in most any fishing catalogue and pitch it right to start with. The only thing that has changed with fishing in the last 2000 years is what man is willing to spend for a pound of fish.
  7. Capt Steve

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    Clovis, CA
    I have an AquaVu B/W camera that is fun to play with but not really an essential tool. I lower it under bridges when I'm crappy fishing. I have spotted some bass around rock piles with it. I was going to rig it to a camcorder and point it at my catfish bait at night to see if I could get a video but my camcorder quit working. Gotta get it repaired one of these days.

    Would you like to find a spot like THIS?
  8. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    I used to have a minolta but my ex trashed it back in 2001. I loved it. I bought it in 1993 used it in high school in the diving well my senior year. had some cool pics of friends and wildlife. I miss my camera. Im considering getting the waterproof case for my digital camera.
  9. Katmaster Jr.

    Katmaster Jr. New Member

    Wilmington, NC
    I just got one for Christmas and love mine, I use more to look at structures and stuff than actual fish, but I have seen a Catfish, Bream, and Bass up there. And it also helped me find some Shad yesterday at the lake. Like you guys said, it's hard to see very far away.

    It's definitely fun to play with too...:tounge_out:
  10. Rockjumper

    Rockjumper New Member

    I have one and absolutley love it, I have seen schools of channel cats, ect. but I use it in the summer in low, clear water. I can turn the camera perpindicular to the bottom and view straight down and see what my depth finder is telling me. I have really learned alot using mine. I found a deep hole about a hundred yards long, I put the camera down and in the middle of the hole I found huge boulders. Some of the boulders had schools of channels behind them. Also found walleye and bass there. I couldn't believe it, but at 22ft on the bottom, I seen three to four smallmouth bass that had to be around 20". Of course I couldn't get them to bite, but I seen them! LOL I really like mine and use it all the time. Does it help me catch more fish? I would say so, I can see what I am seeing on the depth finder and gives me a better idea. I fish lakes and go to brush pile to bruse pile, I put the camera down and some brush piles are loaded with crappie, some have nothing.
  11. bank bouncer

    bank bouncer New Member

    I got one three years ago, its a blast icefishing I can see a great distance on a couple of local lakes, as the ice thickens and additional snow cover it diminishes its value. Early in the season before the algae grows on another local lake is not bad in open water, not near the view. Light penetration is the key, cloudy, muddy wind blown banks, algae all reduces visiablity. All said and done I wouldn't have spent my money on it. Just not enough of the right conditions.
  12. Don1

    Don1 New Member

    I have to agree with bank bouncer it is very handy when ice fishing. You can pick out structure easily and see if the fish are hanging around it.
  13. ezclip

    ezclip New Member

    If anyone with a underwater camera wants to come to Bull Shoals Lake in north central arkansas, and invites me to see how it works, I'll take them to dinner. Most of the time it is very clear. I do a lot of scuba diving and would say it's probably the clearest lake in Arkansas. I've been thinking about someday buying one but wanted a demo first.