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    Anyone else use it? It is amazing stuff!!!!!!!! Today while duck hunting, my buddy couldn't trim the motor, so I was out of the boat and did it off the motor. After doing so he rev'd it up and in the process shot water all the heck over my face and I turned around immediately hollering and it went down my back into my waders and absolutely soaking me!!!!!!!!!! Talk about upset!!!!!!!!! WHEW!!!!!!!!! It was 15 degrees with the wind blowing around 10 or so. I didn't get cold the whole day!!!!!!!!!! I wear the cold gear top and bottoms and also use the cold gear hood and gloves as well as the socks and boxer briefs. I am still in amazement at this happening today!!!!!!!!!! I wear a pair of sweat pants over my under armour pants and wear my Drake waterfowl gear parka and that's all you need. For the rain and sleet/snow, Rivers West makes the ultimate parka as well. This is all the die hard waterfowler needs. It is expensive but worth every penny of it. Oh, about the duck hunt. We smoked 'em. Limited on Mallards between 4 of us and killed some bonus shovelers, with one of 'em having the exact body/coloring of a drake mallard with the drake shovelers eyes/bill!!!!!!!!!! First for that one. It will be at the taxidermist in the morning. Killed a pintail/mallard drake cross back in '98. We were hunting public land here in NW Missouri. God bless.