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Discussion in 'Fishing Clothing Review' started by brad kilpatrick, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    One of the things that i got for Christmas was a set of under Armor. A mock turtle neck shirt and the pants.

    Today was the first chance I had to check 'em out. I went pheasant hunting it was gonig to be a pretty mild day so I opted to just wear the shirt under My normal bird hunting shirt, left the at bottoms home.

    first impression this morning. Wow this stuff Is tight........second skin tight.
    second impression after looking in the mirror, Ray Lewis looks much better in his UA then I do in mine..........LOL

    to make a long story short, today started in the low 30's and rose into the high 30's with a brisk 10-15 MPH wind. Not bone chilling cold By any means but good and chilly with the wind. The UA worked great, I hunted with out a bulky coat just the UA and My shirt, Bill My buddy had his coat on all day. later in the afternoon I even got a little bit hot at times. Once You get used to the tight fit the stuff is quite comfortable. very pleased so far.

    I still need to check out the botom half of the set. And I am interested in how well it works when your not moving all the time like I was today. I'll keep you all posted, but so far Under Armor seems to be worth the price!

    Anyone else got this stuff?? Whatcha think?
  2. spoonfish

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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Good stuff
    Just buy a size bigger than normal, like you said it fits tite. Tends to rub the hair off ya LOL. Ray Lewis LOL

  3. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    I've been wanting to try some of the under armor. Thanks for the report.
  4. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    I picked up 4 of the tops. And they are warm. I use mine in the boat. Sitting there the other morning the air temp was 22 degrees. Don't know what the wind chill was movnig in the boat 12 miles. Or with the wind blowing 10+ MPH.
    But was warm.
    Now try to wear one at home with just the top on and it will cool you. Man this stuff is great.
    Also picked up the AllseasonGear mock turtle neck for only $20. Going back Thursday evening and see if they have any more .

  5. TOPS

    TOPS New Member

    Where can I find that gear? Does the local wally world have it? I have been looking for some warm long johns! :D
  6. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    I don't think wally world carrys under armor. I got mine @ cabelas. I know most major sportings goods stores carry it (dicks, galyans etc.) you might try there. kinda pricey $50 for the shirt but it sure was nice not to have to wear a big bulky coat out hunting.
  7. Leakyboat

    Leakyboat New Member

    I have a couple of tops also,haven't got to try it yet!Been in the 70's to 80's here.Not much of a winter for us!
  8. vini

    vini New Member

    Stuff is expensive i was checking it out at the sproting goods store little too high for my pocket i just stick to thermals
  9. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    Good info, thanks! I will have to look at the cabalas website!