Uncle Si-Fi Memorial Breakfast

Discussion in 'LOCAL ILLINOIS TALK' started by ldw45, Jan 7, 2008.

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    Mickey and I were there Saturday along with Tonto and Tkyhunter from Illinois. Not sure anyone else from Illinois was there but we sure had a great time meeting all the BOC folks from neighboring states and rubbing shoulders with some of the hard working folks that make the BOC possible. The Breakfast Buffet with all the BOC folks was fun. Eric Simcox did a great job as MC for the event. Interesting speakers from Cabela's, a guide on the Rock River, etc. made for some interesting information. Displays of fishing equipment, free dip bait samples, free videos etc. made for interesting browsing. More of us from Illinois should take advantage of this annual event and if you need a tour of the area Mickey makes a great guide. He was gracious enough to show me areas on Ky. Lake and Barkley lake for ramps and fishing spots and one of the good bait and tackle shops in the area. Many of you know Gary Eads from in Indiana who attended our Rend gathering last summer. He sat with us during the event .......he's looking great following his surgery and loosing weight like crazy. Well, I will hush but as you can see I enjoyed the event and think you will too.
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    Nokomis, Illinois
    Hey Dean. I was at one in the past and they are great fun to attend. I couldnt make this one, I wish I could have. Maybe next time.

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    Colinsville, Il
    Hey, me and Dan and Randy were there from Illinois too.. hehehe
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    Ya, but hang'n out with them Mizzuureeuns wore off on you and no one could tell, LOL!!!

    This event happens every year around the same time so, get ready for next year guys. See You There!!!
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    Dubuque, IA
    it was good to meet some of you fellas (and ladies) and were looking forewared to hopefully making it again in the future.