Uncle Gene and his bobber factory..

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    Yes Uncle Gene has a Bobber factory.. I talked to him today, and he was busy working like crazy( Or I think he has his wife doing all the work) getting some more bobbers made up for all of us. Man he is a good guy. Spending all his free time. To make the fine product's to help us catch fish.
    For the ones that has used them, you know how well they work.. For the ones that has not used them. You do not know what your missing out on. They work great. And I hear they even help out a man from Ar catch fish, As long as he has our Great Skipjack from Pickwick below them.
    It did my heart good, to hear people are still buying bobbers to fish with. And helping out uncle Gene in these hard times.. I look at buying the kat bobbers from Wildwolf as, something that I can use to feed our family if the times does get so bad. Were looking for extra food.
    Just like the Jug kits I bought. They made some of the best jugs I have ever had. And I used to fish with my dad 40 years ago with jugs. Then we welded 2 metal oil cans together and they were the best. Sound like s shotgun going off when a big one would take one down. Gene wish that sound was in yours. But still a great product.
    Again I would like to thank Gene for a great product.

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    I use the Katbobbers and Jugs made from Gene's kits exclusively.
    They haven't let me down. Great product!