Un-freakin Believable Day!

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    wow, i mean wow! have you ever had one of those days on the river that were just perfect? well today was one of those days. no, today was the day!!! my fishing buds( jackass and scott" pooty'') and i had the best day we have ever had fishing for cats! we again were fishing on the ohio river below cannelton dam. this time we came a little better prepared. pooty and i stopped at rough river and caught some shad so we wouldnt run into the prob we had last week of not finding bait. we caught about 200 or so shad about 2 inches long and about 2 dozen 4-5 inch ones. we were kinda bummed about not being able to get more big shad but we shouldnt have been as we soon found out. we got to the river around 11:00 or so and headed to the dam. when we got there we were really bummed, they only had 2 gates open! lots of dead water. there was only one other boat out also. didnt look like a very good scenario but we persevered. we began drifting the lock wall again and just like last week, we caught a good fish on the first drift. we were using the small shad and sticking 3 or 4 on at a time. that must have been just what the cats were wanting today cause we just started slayin em! we started catching so many i actually lost count of how many i had caught! i counted the ones i threw back though. i have never got on cats like we did today. i could not believe we were the only ones drifting that wall! when everything was said and done and we got back to jackasses house and emptied the cooler we had 30 bluecats! they were all under 8 pounds or so. we calculated how many we each threw back and we release a combined 10 fish. so we boated 40 cats today! 37 blues and 3 channels. pooty and jackass both had a couple between 12 and 15 pounds that went back and of course we released the channels because well they just dont taste like blues! pooty was the winner today though. i believe he caught 17 himself. i also caught a really nice hybrid too. the skips were busting again and we loaded up on them. matter of fact the last 2 fish we caught, i got on skip jack. the rest were caught on shad. well sorta, i caught 2 channels on junnies wicked sticky. man what a day! i am beat. the rain is coming down and ive got a pillow calling my name. i'll post some pics tomorrow. too tired right now to fool with it. peace out.
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    Keith, that sounds awesome. I'm glad you guys had a good time. Leave a few down that way for seed though, cause I like to fish down that way a time or two in the fall. Vern

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    Congrats on the fantastic day of fishing. I am looking foward to one of thoses days here real soon.
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    Sounds like a great day congrats. Never gets old hearing stories like that.
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    That is the kind of report I like to read. I'm glad ya'll had so much fun.

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    Every time lately when i get bait i always get a ton of baby shad, like you did. Sounds like a great day congrats!
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    Great night! Man, 40 cats in an outing; I haven't caught a total of 40 cats for the year. :embarassed:
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    Now thats what i call a good day fishing...Glad youguys had a good time
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    Man that is one great outing. Sounds like a rod bending good time!
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    Sounds like yall had a great time of catching those cats thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for takeing me fishing.peewee-williams
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    Manassas, Virginia
    Congrats on the great trip. It must have been something. I don't think I have ever caught that many cats in one trip, to include bullheads and even bluegills.
  13. gcarlin

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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Sounds like a heck of a day. Hope I have one of those days soon ;)