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Ultralite Rig Recommendation

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Hello Everyone,

Need advice and recommendation on the purchase of an ultralite spinning rig. Would like a one-piece (minimum length) of 6'6" or 7.0 ft. rod preferably. Maybe something i could use in conjunction with a 308x or 310x Mitchell reel (already have these) or maybe a combo. Will use to chase Channels with slip bobber and dip bait and also for Crappie jigging. Price range less than $100.

Thanks for your ideas!

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Although not one piece rods, you may want to look into a noodle rod intended for steelhead fishing.

They come in lengths of 8-12ft and make excelent crappie and panfish rods because of their ultralight action and ability to whip small baits a good distance. I've caught everything from small bluegill to 8 pound Steelhead on 6# line with my 9ft noodle rod. Just make sure you keep your drag set light!

Lately the only one piece spinning rods I've seen in lengths of 6'6" or longer were all heavier action rods. You may want to check out the Sponsors section of the Forums here. Look for Gators Custom Rods, I'm sure he can custom build exactly what you want.

Hope I helped a little.
I bought a $14.99 rod,and put a small spinning reel on it.If you don;t like the location of a fly rods reel seat,you can mount your reel anywhere on the handle with plastic "Tye wraps".The eyes are far enough forward,to cast good,with a spinning reel.I love it when my hands let me use it.I have assorted U.L.gear,that I have collected over the years.I like this one the best. peewee-williams
I have a Gatorback ultralite rod. It is Zebco's version of the uglystick (You can bend them in half.). I'm not sure if the ultralite models reach 7', but I'm pretty sure they make them up to 6'6". Mine is only a 5'6" though. Very reliable rod, and affordable.
I have to second the idea of the fly rod. I have used one several years as an UL rod and it worked great. Didn't care for the looks so I made my own version used a fly rod blank & put spinning handle and eyes on it. I LOVE IT! I have caught numerous trout, panfish, & bass on it. I use it almost exclusively when panfishing with the kids, etc. It is almost indestructable and due to the extra length you will not have problems using light line. I use 2 & 4 lb line with either a Shakespear Micro closed face underspin reel or recently just bought a Mitchell 308X to put on it. I also have a 7' two piece Berkley UL spinning rod with a Mitchell 308X reel on it also. They work great. Can't say enough good about them.

I have plans now to make a second one. The first one was a 8 1/2' 5WT blank and the next one will be a 9' 3WT blank. Don't know about finding a 7' one piece blank though. You might think about building your own or get Gator to put one together for you.

Hope this helps. Wasn't quite what you asked but it may help.
Frank :)
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Polecat, walleyworld has some nice little ultralight combos for around 29 dollars. We've gotten a few of em over the years and still use them. We've even pulled in a 8 lb channell on them.Lot of bang for just a little buck.
I agree with fwmud. Get your self 3 for under a hundred bucks.
i have a shakespeare sigma spinning reel mounted on a 5 foot ul ugly stik w/6lb test mono, and a pflueger trion spinning reel mounted on a south bend 5.5 foot infinity rod with 8lb test........they are both very nice ultra light rigs, tho the trion can do a little heavier duty if needed
You have one of the best if not best reels ever made in the 308.I have serial number 3 which I purchased in Germany back in the late 50s.Ive used it for everthing and it still works fine except I have retired it because I dont think I could find a bail spring if it broke.I could feed New Orleans on the fish that reel accounted for over the years.I used it with a good 6ft rod for bass in the clear Arizona lakes like Canyon and Saguarro.I used a split shot and the then relatively new "Rubber" worm and just killed those fish.I only used 6lb test line and sometimes would cast a small live waterdog just like a worm.It then conquered trout in high mountain lakes in Colo and smallmouths in Tennesee.Never let me down once.Good rods like you are considering are available from Cabelas.I was truly sorry when Mitchell went to the newer versions of the 300 as I always thought the 300 series was the sleekest sexiest spinning reel ever made.They just had that classic shape like the DC-3, P-51 Mustang,707 ,57 T bird etc that you could see at a glance that they were just right right out of the box.I owned about 40 300s 308s.306s over the years and wish I had them all back right now.
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i got or should i say (my son took over) a 6 foot mitchell with a mitchell 310x
combo it is a treat to cast with .
it has a medium/fast action tip also.
if you can find one i'd recomend this one .its with us every trip unless we go to the mississippi.
My ultralight rod is a bass pro shops microlight 7'6" for 2-6 lb test line. The reel I use is a Shimano Sedona 750 with 6lb test line. When fishing tighter areas like small streams, I may switch to a 5ft Shakespeare Catera ultralight. The long rod has brought in channels up to 5 lbs without trouble. I started using the long rod for fishing for big blugill in a lake near home. Normally, I would have used the shorter rod with lures, but there's too much hydrilla moss for lures. Then, I started catching cats on meal worms I was using for bait. More fun than a barrel of monkeys using that long rod for cats. Total cost for the rod and reel, before tax...reel, $40, rod $40...$80.
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