Ugly Stik limits ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by kyron4, Jun 6, 2006.

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    Hello, I have a 6'6" med-hvy Ugly Stik (CAL 1101) casting rod, the black type, NOT big white type. What's the largest reasonable size fish that this rod can safely handle ? Right now I have a Zebco 733 Hawg with 20# line, I was thinking of going to a Zebco 808 Magnum with 20# line, but wonder if it's too "big" and "heavy" for this type of rod. Most of the fish I catch range 3-12 lbs. but hope I can get some 15-25 pounders this year.
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    The answer to your question lies in your own hands and arms. If you horse a fish and try to skim it across the top of the water, it is not going to hold a very big fish. If you take care of your rod (don't shut a door on it, don't step on it, don't put it in the back window of your car or let it lie in the bed of a pickup for days) and if you play the fish properly, it will handle some very, very big fish. I have caught some 25 pound blue fish on a Shakesphere bass rod, and I think the ugly stick is its' equivelent. So, I'd venture to say you could catch in excess of a 40 pounder, minimum. Nothing scientific to base these conclusions on except my experience and my opinions. LOL

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    Sounds like you have durable setup and I will agree with Awshucks, it will work best if properly taken care of. Side note, I was at walmart one time and bent and ugly stik light action rod and made the tip touch the butt of the rod, just like in the picture... the sales associate was not happy with this!


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    Yea, I to did this wally world didn't like it a bit. I also talked to a shakspear rep a boat show and he said that it is not recommened or covered by warranty. I said it was false advertising. he just laughed. I still like my ugly sticks though.
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    this months issue of field and stream has an article in it, the guy tested 5 major mfg. of fishing rods . tied a bucket to a piece of rope and the other to the real. he then clamped the rod at a 45 deg. angle in a vise and began adding weight to the bucket until it the rod snapped. the ugly stick held up to 55# and didnt break . the others snapped before 35#.
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    :0a28: Those things have a limit to them? I'd hate to know what my Tiger Stick could drag in much less the ugly stick lite
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    I have the same rod. I used to have an 808 on it and it handled everything I caught 3 to 10 pound channels and several large trees, stumps, logs and whatever. I seem to find a lot of those. Some I pulled up and some got away, but the rod has held up fine.
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    I have the same rod in 7ft length with an ABU 6000. The biggest flathead I have caught with it was 42lb. There is a picture of the fish in my profile if you want to see it.
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    I read this same article. Remember, that's 55 lbs. dead lifted. And it was a lighter model than what you have.

    I think that ugly sticks are the best fishing rod that money can buy, and for their price their the best bargain out there. I swear by them, and the proof is in my avatar (that's an ugly stick hat). That being said, the only time I've ever heard of one breaking while fighting a fish was when the drag wasn't set right and the line snapped, causing the rod to whip back too fast.
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    I agree!! Nothing but Ugly Sticks for me! I have at least a dozen of them from light spinning models to 8' Catfish casting models and a bunch in between. My favorite rod by far. Some of them are pretty old too and still in perfect shape and they get used too!!

    I don't think you could break one under any kind of normal circumstance, unless you tried to bend it into a pretzel or something.
  11. Thes folks are right. It depends on how you care for, setup and use your equipment. The current world record flathead was pulled in by a fellow fishing for crappie. I would assume he had a light to medium action rod and if memory serves 12lb test. The flattie tipped the scales at 124.
    I used to do alot of ultra light fishing with 2lb test and I found that your equipment will make or break you. The most likely weak link is going to be your drag. It really needs to be set right and even more important needs to be SMOOOOTH. It's the jerks and stutters that put to much pressure on the line and to a lesser extent the rod.
    One thing I found with an ultralight and light line is that sometimes you just have to avoid the thick stuff. With lighter than standard tackle you do not have the backbone to horse a fish so if it starts the fight in cover your already behind the eight ball. All that said I well remember pulling a three pound jackpike (chain pickerel) out a nasty tangled treetop. That was a ball. I have also pulled in several bullheads with that same set up as well as several channels, the largest would have pushed 5lbs.
    More often than not steady pressure will whip even the biggest fish more than jerking and tugging will.
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    I love my ugly sticks. I got an ultralight one piece and a 3 piece medium, and I think my cat rod is a 2 piece tiger. Never had any of them give me any trouble until the ultralight got stepped on and the lmainate cracked about 6-8 inches up from the grip. Still hasn't threatened to snap on me and I'm still using it! Gonna get a new one here pretty soon though.
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    yea for the money they are definitely the best you can buy. you need to put out big bucks if you want a rod to be able to even compare to it. i dont think ill ever buy a different rod.

    me and my father bought 6 1/2 foot heavy ugly sticks for saltwater fishing and they are to heavy actually. they will come in handy when we tie into a 50# striper but till then you can basically drag most fish in pretty easy. Ive found out they also make great shark rods, caught in some black tips and spinner sharks pushing 100# with them.

    my only complaint is my guides are rusting in them and my shimano that i bought 2 years before my ugly sticks still doesn't have any wear on it with the same care for both of them. saltwater is ruff on tackle though so i can understand it.

    your rod is also much more important before you hook a fish then after. you need to cast, feel the fish bite then have enough backbone in the rod for a good hook set. after you hook a fish the reel does most of the work. thats when a good steady drag is a must with larger fish.

    basically I'm just trying to say take care of your rod and it will take care of you especially an ugly stick
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    I don't think you can beat an ugly stick. I have caught 10 pound trout on their 5.0 ultra lite. It was pretty interesting but the rod held up.
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    All of my rods are ugly sticks. All are medium heavy,I have the black ones and the white ones none have broken. I have had a son-in-law to step on the guides and bend them but the rod was ok. I even put my rods on the rod box and he insist on standing on my box. Anyone got a son-in-law that will trade with me!!:embarassed: :roll_eyes: :sad2: