Ugly stick no longer white?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by Mac-b, Jul 12, 2007.

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    After several years of constant use, my Ugly Sticks were beginning to look like blood, guts and slim. When it is damp, you have to be careful or the big cats will pull them out of your hand. Well, today I sprayed some Clorox Clean Up on the handles and rods and rub them down and then wipe them off and my old my, they look almost like new. Will probably have to be careful under wet conditions for a while in cases there is some residue cleaner on the handles (water and clorox can make things slippery). Mac
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    Might need to be careful handling the bait because of the Chlorox scent.I usually once a year get a bucket with a little dish soap and warm water and scrub my rods,then rinse with spray nozzle on the garden hose.Then I will wax the rods with a marine wax.This keeps the crap from sticking to the rods.If you use herring those scales get on everything.I have to take care of my rods as PENN decided to change the color on the SLAMMERS from white to a dark color.Problem is the rod manufactureers never consider folks fishing at night.:smile2::wink:

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    AFTER you was with corox rinse them well let dry then was and scub with bakein soda and water this will fix both problems with slippery and oder .....also clean live wells and bait tanks with bakein soda and water only this will help keep bait and fish healther...
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    I can't stand a "white" rod anyway....After a few trips, they look like something that's been dragged through the mud.....Dwight