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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by ohio catfisherman, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. ohio catfisherman

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    i was wondering if anybody has these or have used them before i was looking at them on the net and they look sweat i was looking at the 10 footer m action 6-20 pound 1-5 ounce and i was also looking at the 12 footer m action 8-25pound 1-5 ounce the reason im wondering is because im looking at purchasing some surf rods and im a big ugly stick fan
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    Oklahoma City O
    I've been looking at them also, but the best comment that I've heard about them, is that the have the backbone of the French Army.
    Have heard that Tica is a better rod, and it's in the same price range.
    At the moment, I'm thinking about trying a pair of Breakaways LD-Xs or HD-Xs, but it won't be until April or May before I really get serious about looking at them.

    Will :004:

  3. alton

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    I will agree with CoonX. The only experience I have with ugly sticks is with the 12' big water casting rods. The X and XH models which each lasted one day and back to refund desk. I don't know if you are looking at casting or spinning surf rods. I would recommend looking at Okuma Solaris Surf, Tica, Tsunami,Penn Power Stick or Pro Guide Surf rods, and Cabelas Salt Striker Surf rods. They are all in the $80.00 - $100.00 range. I also plan to look at the heavier lure rated Breakaway casting rods soon. Good luck.
  4. dafin

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    I have 4 big water ugly sticks that are from 1 to 6 years old not a problem with them . In a normal year I will fish almost every week day. they have see a lot of use.three are 9ft one is 10 ft
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    i have a 10 ft med-heavy ugly stick surf rod, it great for casting and fighting fish , but seems weak for hooksets, tip seems too soft, a lot of bend and that can be a problem when setting a hook at 50 yards out or more, other than that its great