Ugly Stick Catfish rods

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  1. ccat

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    Fayetteville Ar
    I just bought my 8th Ugly Stick in the past 2-3 weeks at walmart. I have bought them in Hot Springs, Mtn Home, Flippin, Harrison, Springdale and here in Fayetteville. Just bought the last 2 spinning rods at the Springdale walmart. I have heard from a reliable source from Walmart, they will be cutting back on their fishing supplies. They seem to be getting rid of Ugly Stick cat rods there. All of the one's I have bought, listed for $31.97. but I got them for $15 each. I have 4 baitcaster 7 footers, 2 spinning rods 7 footers, and 2 spinning rods 8 footers.
    I had a friend of mine at the Springdale store scan his little computer on the rod. It showed 2 left at the Rogers store and one at the Lowell store,but that was it for the northwest Arkansas area. Maybe some of you can get those at that good price.
    If I were any of yall, I could check your local walmart to see if I have missed any.
    good luck.
  2. ronlyn239

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    I went to my local WM here in Bartlesville, and they had no Ugly Stik Catfish rods. So, I went to Academy in Tulsa and bought one.

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    Fouke, Arkansas
    our local walmart seems to be cutting back on fishing supplies too
  4. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    All the ones I have been in lately seem to be cutting back I guess they aren,t makring enuff money on it realy if you can we should buy as much as we can from our sponsers:0a36:
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    our walmart store cut them out. There are no big rods for catfish at our walmart of any kind... They got rid of the Berkleys too.

    What gets me tho is the fact that they still carry the big reels. You can go to Wal Mart and buy a big reel but can no longer buy a rod to put it on.

    They are still carrying the cheap catfish combos tho with 7' rods and big reels on them. But, you get what you pay for.