Ugly Stick bigwater casting rods

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by capt theory, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. capt theory

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    i just got the cabelas catalog and i found in the uglysticks they have a rod i havent seen yet. its called bigwater casting and is 12 foot with heavy action. its rated for up to 50 pound line and up to 24 ounces of weight. has anyone used these yet? my old roommate had a 12 footer with heavy action but that thing couldnt have 6 ounces of weight on before it was completly bent over. i love the uglysticks but i need alot more stout of a tip to handle heavy current and large baits.. any opinions?
  2. diodeman

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    Benton Co. Mo.
    I have a 15 foot, 2-piece heavy action Ugly Stick I use for fishing below dams. I have an Abu-Garcia 7000C3 loaded with 100lb. test braided line mounted on it. It requires alot of practice to learn to throw because it is very heavy. I can make casts of up to 150+ yards using an 8 oz. weight.

    My largest fish pulled out of very violent-turbulent waters below dams while using 15 foot Ugly-Stick;
    113lb., 7 foot 2 inch long alligator Gar
    78lb. bluecatfish
    56lb. flathead
    many 30-50lb. blues.


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    I had a 10ft heavy action ugky stik bigwater rod, it was a broomstick, and would cast very heavy weights with ease.