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  1. CopeMan

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    Lets see who yall pick for the 101 matchups. Dont know em all but Silva vs. Griffin and Penn vs. Florian. I hope to hell the forrest can pull out a win over silva. Silva is good but I just cant stand the guy. As far as bj and kenny I go with bj hands down. Like both fighters but i dont think florian can handle him i may been wrong. Anyways lets hear what yall think if anyone knows the others fights please drop em in. :big_smile:
  2. kat in the hat

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    I will call BJ and Silva. Doesn't mean I like it, but that's the way I see it. At least Forrest will make Silva fight. Guess it depends on who has the better game plan. I hope it's not a snooze fest.

  3. bw69r

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    its Florians time and Griffin takes a decision.
  4. Flatheadhunter33

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    Its not a very stacked card at all. The only other decent fight will be Leitas vs. Sakara. As for the main events though, I have Andersen Silva by KO over Griffin and I have BJ Penn pulling out a stoppage over Florian...
  5. BL00DWE1SER

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    Forrest vs. Silva - this should be an easy pick but its not. Forrest should have the size advantage, Silva has the power advantage. I don't think its going to be easy for Silva to t-off on Forrest. I think Silva can KO Forrest but I also think Forrest can hold Silva down for 3 rounds. I'll take Silva by TKO but would not be surprised at all if Forrest wins a split decision.

    Penn vs. Florian - I've been waiting for this fight for a while. I think Penn needs to stop worrying about GSP, Grease and the welterweight division and worry about Florian. Florian has a very good chance of winning this fight, more than anyone seems to give him. I hate BJ Penn and I'll just leave it at that. Florian by submission.
  6. catman872

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    forrest is a perfect match up for silvia..forrest wont be hard to find and lacks power to KO anderson. Silvia will pick forrest apart and make him a bloody mess, siliva by KO within 2 rounds !

    Bj is the better fighter by how will he respond to getting owned by GSP? I think he will respond well and win this fairly easy. Lets just hope he dont say "to the death kenny" then quit!
  7. derbycitycatman

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    As much as Id like forrest to win by sub I just dont see it happening unless the silva from the last fight shows up. Then forrest has a chance at a decision or sub win but I wouldnt bet on it.

    I think penn is too good for kenny. So my picks to win are silva and penn.:sad2:

    Just looking forward to some good fights, dont care who wins.