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  1. jms43

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    What are some of the best types and brands of line out there for fishing for Blues and flatheads?
  2. BKS72

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    East of KC
    My favorite is PowerPro braid, but you'll get a lot of different answers. Welcome aboard. by the way! You can also find plenty of info on lines in the Fishing Line Review forum and read through a lot of good points for both braid and mono.

  3. thomas feldon

    thomas feldon New Member

    Farmington, MO.
    Berkley Tryline / Big game . Works really good.
    Also Cagen Red.
    If your just getting started or been at it a while, see what weight line your reel's can hold and put the biggest on it . But practice castting and reeling a few time before you settle in for the biggin's.:wink:
  4. farmer

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    Osceola, MO
    I use bass pro brand 30 lb mono that I can see with a black light. Its the strongest mono out there for the price.
  5. fishingbuddy4

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    Warner Rob ga
    Welcome, i use 30 -80 lb spiderwire stelth,it works great and never had a problem with its casting and catching.
  6. SkipEye

    SkipEye Well-Known Member

    Winfield, MO
    Power Pro Braid here on the main line, with a mono leader for abrasion resistance!
  7. Coyote1

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    Dear Brother Jon;
    First, WELCOME ABOARD!!:big_smile:
    Second, I agree with Brother Branden/BKS72 in that I too like the Power Pro Braid. I have it on one of the spools for my Fin-Nor OS-95 Spinning Reel. Brother Branden is also correct in advising you to see out the tests and reviews in our Library and Archives Sections too as this will save you some money in the long run by reading up and learning what other Brothers and Sisters have found their experiences to be with other lines under the conditions they tested them under.
    In the long run, and again I am agreeing with Brother Branden, there are many good lines out on the market and there are many lines that will meet your criteria. The trick is to find the ones that work best for you under the conditions that you will be using them under!:big_smile:
    I would not necessarily choose a line just because someone told me it was a "Super Duper Line" but I would read the archives, see what the other Brothers and Sisters post here and don't be afraid to PM any of the members posting on this thread for more details if they use a line in which you are interested.
    After that, I would try and experiment with some lines I was interested in, although with the Spectra/Braids this can get expensive fast:sad2:, and see what works best for me.
    You may very well find that you will need more than one line to meet your needs. If your fishing for small channel cats for eating at the table think you would find 20#/100# Power Pro a bit much whereas Shakespeare Cajun Lighten' Red in perhaps 10# size will work just fine.
    Conversely, if your out on the Mississippi after trophy Blues, that Power Pro line will work just fine.
    It all depends on your equipment, your location, your personal style and preferences for the game your fishing for at the time. I suspect as time goes on that we will see an even greater and more bewildering choice of lines made available!:eek:oooh: Read the archives, read your posts, investigate as much as you can, pick a couple/few choices and "have at it"! :big_smile: That is part of what makes fishing so fun, is finding the choices that work best for YOU!
    If there is anything that I, or any other Brother or Sister can do to help you out while your getting started here in the BOC please don't hesitate to ask! That is what we all are here for is the Free Exchange of Information About Catfishing, ... and a lot of other things too.
    While it may seem bewildering at first [and to some of us it still is!:smile2:}
    stick with it and you may very well find it a positive life changing experience!:wink::big_smile:
    Again, "WELCOME ABOARD" and I apologize for getting a bit long winded!:embarassed: You will find I tend to do that sometimes! :wink:
    Fraternally and Cordially,
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  8. tncatfishing

    tncatfishing New Member

    clk. tn
    Berkley big game is about the best mono linr you can find. Although I have have tried the bass pro brand and find it to work real well. As for braid I like spiderline, but might switch to power pro. You need to look at what kind of fishing your going to do and where your gonna be fishing. Try a few different lines and see what you like not what someone else likes.:wink:
  9. theonecatfishbob

    theonecatfishbob New Member

    Wright City, Missouri
    I have used Berkley Big Game for over 20 years. I see no reason to change. It is a really good line at an affordable price.
  10. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I lost confidence in Berkley Big Game about a year ago - multiple spools of 30lb green from different sources, all would break with very little force while tying (properly lubricated) knots. Who needs that kind of ticking timebomb out on the water? Not me, that's for sure.

    So I switched to Ande Premium Monofilanent and absolutely won't look back. I've landed multiple fish in the 30 to 60 lb range on that line and have complete faith in it. The 2lb spool I bought at BassPro last year has filled my Garcia 6500 and 7000's on the order of 15 times total and I still have plenty left. Catfish Safari also sells Ande Premium.

    I tried some of the super-braids once but just didn't like them.

    It seems to me that very few anglers really "need" to use an 80lb test line -- flathead chasers who fish heavy cover might need it, but I think most folks will just find it too frustrating. You get hung up on something and either slice your hands wide open trying to break it, or end up cutting it off at the rod tip just to get free. (and yes, I know you should use a broom stick or something else to wrap the line around rather than your hand....)
  11. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    I agree with Bob on this one. Berkley Big Game. I like the solar color. It's bright and I can see it with bad eyes.
  12. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    I have been using berkly biggame for years, it has always worked well!
  13. Grumper

    Grumper New Member

    Crystal City MO
    For my main line, I use 80lb Power Pro braid. I love that stuff.:roll_eyes: For my leader, I use 80lb Ande. The best mono in the business if you ask me!:wink:
  14. kctinner

    kctinner New Member

    I agree the berkeley big game is a very good line you cant beat it for the price
  15. russ

    russ New Member

    dexter. mo
    i use ande premium envy green, very good line no problems.
  16. SubnetZero

    SubnetZero New Member

    Sherman IL
    The "Best" of ANYTHING is the one YOU have confidence in and are comfortable with...

    I just switched from Big Game to Ande...
  17. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    Jon, welcome to the BOC/SOC:cool2:.

    For mono i like Premium Salt Water Ande. It is abrasion resistant and ties strong knots. I use 30 lb on abu 6000 and 6500's and go up to 40 lb. on the abu 7000 and 9000's. I use 50 lb. for all my leaders.

    For braid i use 65 lb. power pro. I run it on 7 tournament rods and still use the 50 lb. ande for my leaders.
  18. katcatchingfool

    katcatchingfool New Member

    i also use power pro for the main and 50lbs ande for the leader good combo!!
  19. wielms6

    wielms6 New Member

    warrenton missouri
    i have had bad luck with braided lines because when hung up any pressure on level wind reels it seems to pull into the spool and bury itself causing a backlash when casting the next time i use either 30 on light rods or 50 lb red cajun on my heavy rods no complaints espically for such inexpensive line agian you need to see what works best for you no matter what was said here
  20. thomas feldon

    thomas feldon New Member

    Farmington, MO.
    Line can become useless in the area your fishing in.
    First and foremost is the area / and sinker your using.
    I don't care what line your using . If your fishing in rock's .The line will take on abrasion's and cutting drag along when getting to the bottom with current.
    I look at it this way !
    If I'm fishing from a man made ( swift water ) dike you've got lot's of sharp rock and your line will take hit's ( nick's ) while settling to the bottom with a 3 oz. , 6 oz. or larger sinker. The sinker shape has a tremendous influence on getting to the bottom and how much bounce or nick's you'll get before settling in to the bottom.
    In the Mississippi , I alway's use bell or flat slip sinker on my direct line from the pole. Below that I run the line through a plastic bead ( from arts and craft's department ) . This bead will keep the sinker itself from cutting the line when you have a hit. Then tie the line with 7 twist's to a #1 brass swivel. Then a leader of about a foot or a foot and a half of the same line to a 6 or 8 hook. The hook depends on the size bait . I alway's try to hide the hook in the bait. Alway's try to cover the metal with out messing up the bait. I've had good luck with bell sinker's in rocky area's and good luck with flat's in sandy barr's.
    You'll have to determine for youself what you need and in what area. After trying 3 or 4 time's without any result's move on and do it again until you know what produce's result's and the right combo work's for your area!