Tyler the gill slayer!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by bro_catfish, Sep 30, 2006.

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    Ohio ,Coshocton County
    I agreed to meet up with Jack at Lakepark last night to catch some bluegills for flathead bait but the fact of the matter is that out of 3 of us after thoes so easly caught gills Tyler was the one one catching them lol and not only catching them but slaying them ...one after the other while me and Jack just watch this 11 yr old boy hammering the bait!..he caught 8 I belive in and hr or so. So after all that we get to our new spot and his feet froze up in his rubber boots and went went home around 10pm I have a decent run that sucked a 4 inch chub off my 6/0 but it stopped before I got close to me reel
    Im proud of him ..and if I could upload pics Id show everyone a few
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    Even with no pics still sounds like a good time... Aint that funny how these kids can just land fish one right after another... my son does the same thing with channel cats

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    Oh it was a site. I couldn't buy a gill. lol Tyler would just cast out and bang! another one. So I taught him the ins and outs of mooching. As I cast to his spot I told him that while he was putting his catch in the bait bucket that I would fish his spot then when I went to the bait bucket he should do the same. lol it didn't work. I do have to say that I at least had some fish take my bait where as DJ didn't even get bit! lol We had fun and Tyler got his ego stroked(see that can be a good thing) .:smile2: