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    Hey guys, I was hoping you could give me some specifics on tying a good cat leader. Length, test, knots..etc. The palomar knot just isn't working for me anymore. I've lost too many good fish to break offs, almost always at the knot. A few weeks ago a saltwater fishermen down in Flordia showed me the basics of tying a Uni-knot, clinch knot, and improved clinch. Will these knots out perform the palomar? And what's the trick to tying them so the coils pull up tight and uniform?? I just don't feel comfortable enough with these knots to put them in the water yet. Also, should the same knot be used to attach the hook, swivel, and main line?
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    Well the palomar not is suppose to be one of the strongest knots their is. I also use the clinch knot. Wet the knot before pulling tight this will help the knot pull tight and uniform, also try using pliers to hold the hook when tying, that is what I do and it helps. How I tie my leaders for catfishing is off the main line use a big swivel then off of that I use a heavy lb test about a two to three foot section to the hook and about a four foot to the weight. In current the bait will be pulled outward and upwards slightly keeping it of the bottom. Or a slipweight on mainline then a bead to swivel then a leader to the hook, make the leader two to three foot long. What conditions are you fishing in? Are their alot of snags or current?
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    Dont take any offense but you might be tieing the palomar incorrectly. Ive been using them for a long time now and not once have i had the knot break. THant includes both saltwater and fresh water. In fact on a fishing show (i cant remember which one) the guy went to a university lab and tested both the palomar and the Trilene knot. Both were more than 100% knots which means that the line broke before the knot did. If you are dead set on tieing something else then try the Trilene knot. Ive used it numerous times when ever i rigged out of sequence and was forced to use it or if i am rigging long lures for bass. Heres a link to it: http://www.fish4fun.com/TrileneKnot.htm
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    As said above don't take offence you say the palomar isn't working for you any more. Does that mean it was working for you before? If so have you changed the way you tie it? Does your line need to be renewed? Has the line you use for your leaders maybe been left out in the sun for an extended time. Does the leader always break at the hook or always at the swivel? Maybe you got a bad batch of either. The palomar is one of, if not the, most efficient knots. There must be a logical reason why it is letting you down. Whichever knot you choose to use, tie it repeatedly and test it until you are confident you can trust it. When I set up my rods at home prior to a trip I put the hook on a ring on the hitch of the truck and test the whole rig thoroughly. As for lengths and test lbs, it all depends on the conditions you are fishing in and the details of the rest of your gear. Give us a bit more info. We can get you sorted out...W