two (true) but humorus stories i heard tonite

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    after work i was in the office with a couple guys that were talking about a dog that had bitten a worker and the conversation went to a story of
    this man had bought a saint benard " cujo dog " that happened to get quite large . he said he built it a very big dog house and pen for it .
    guess he had it for a while when he bought a pony for his children .
    well the pony needed a small barn and he thought he would trade places with the dog and pony till he could make one for the pony as the pony just so happened to fit in the dog house and would go in .
    he tied the dog up to a corner fence post and the pony to a chain near the dog house.
    he woke up one morning a couple days after that about 6 oclock to a big rukus comeing from his horror he ran outside in his underwear to find the dog on top of the pony ripping its throat apart. chain had been broken and the dog was covered in blood . ( remind you of a movie? )
    he pulled the dog of the pony and it took off across the property heading right towards the neighborman that happened to be the county sherriff on his way out the door for work . the sherriff went up the nearest tree and bob the owner of the dieing pony and mad dog again still in underwear gets over to the tree and told the sherriff to toss him the gun he had drawn .
    he put the dog down then went to the pony and did the same .
    he then had to tell his children that the pony and dog went to live with jesus and they were going to be happy there with him.
    he called the rendering service that said they only wanted the pony and when the man arrived he said he was a horrid fella that stunk so bad it was
    frightning and he collected the pony and with a wild grin asked if he could have the dog too . he wisked them both away and afterwards the mans little daughter asked him if that was jesus:smile2::tounge_out: he said he almost blurted out H377 NO.:wink:

    second story ( i actually met this next man )
    the heating and air guys dad used to work a full time job at a plant and do
    HVAC on the side and weekends . one of his buddys at the plant kept after him to come over and butcher a goat he had running around his property
    cause he didn't have the heart to as his kids had named it and it was like a pet sortof.
    well he finally gave in and when he showed up the guy said his kids were all inside and he gave him a cheap old flimsy butcher knife that fell apart half way into slitting the goats throat. it went running around squirting blood and
    makeing all kinds of noise and before they could get the job finished it had got the attention of the kids which came out to see this AC man cutting on their pet goat and the goat dieing. they went nuts and he said he had to leave as they were really upset. well 2 or 3 weeks later the man and his wife weere in a local department store when he hears there he is there s the murderer he killed him he killed him they were screaming this out loud and pointing to him as they happened to be in the same isle :smile2:. he said he had to run out of the store HAHAHAHA well i hope i told these two storys at least half as good as i had heard them today . i was cracking up when they told me i guess i could picture the individuals in the predictaments .
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    See, DRC life has a lighter side don't it? That horse and pony show was very good. Sounds like an episode they could put on Sesame Street. LOL. Give us some more of those stories. John