Two little dinks, but a good time..

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    When we got to the dam it was already dark. My ten year old forgot the cast net - ok, maybe it was me. So, no bait. Some Mexicans were kind enough to give us some soured shad. But I didn't tell Sidney that we were going "catching," I told him we were going fishing, and fishing is what we ended up doing.

    Set my rods out for big fish, but with old bait I kinda knew it was useless. Rigged him up to play with the dinks to keep him busy. He had a lot of bites, but had trouble hooking them. They were turning water on and off, on and off.

    Two different times, my ten year old said "it's a beautiful night," and would tell me to look at the stars. I think he's starting to get it.

    About 12:30, I told him we needed to go, that his momma would be worried. And his reply was "But I haven't caught one yet!" Thirty minutes later, he finally caught the go home fish.

    We both got to talk, share our day. We actually had a pretty good time. I was hoping he was going to catch his PB, but one little dink is all he got. But he wanted his picture on the post, and he wanted everybody to know he outfished daddy. So here it is.

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