Two Fish Worth 50 Dollars Each!!!

Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by catfishrollo, Oct 11, 2009.

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    Well, I haven't had much time to fish in the last month or so. But, decided to fish a bass tournament this morning. It was put on by the company I work for. The morning started very slow with the cold temps. and heavy fog. The plan was to pick off some on topwater early then fish plastics, and jigs as the sun came up. The topwater bite never happened. The fish seemed to be held up deeper with the drop in temperature, and the bite didn't start until around 10:00 am. We caught 8 total, including 4 keepers, and lost atleast 6 other fish. Didn't feel real good about losing good fish. I told my boss after we hooked and seen two fish at the boat, one was a solid 4 plus pounder, and another over 3 pounds, that threw the hook before being able to be netted, that them 2 fish just cost us the tournament! Sure enough, they did! My boss lost another big fish under the boat as well. Both of them fish were hooked and lost within 5 minutes. Second place got us each a 25 dollar gift certificate to Buckeye Outdoors. First place, was 75 dollars apiece. So to me them 2 fish we seen cost us 100 bucks total in 5 minutes of fishing! The team that won only caught 3 fish and only lost one. So we were gonna be sitting good... Did I mention second place sucks?:angry: I'm not a bass fisherman, but hate losing that way! I would have rather not even seen them two fish, but that just goes to show that a certain amount of luck plays into a good outting as well. And a good outting can turn into a mediocre, or poor outting within minutes! It only takes one bite or two to make "A TRIP" or "RUIN A TRIP"! Trust me! rollo
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    at least you placed.....u gotta look at it like that. and yeah it does suck when you lose some good fish. i cant stand bass fishing from a boat, but if i were in a tourney id say id be pretty upset as well.....sorry. but congrats one second

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    yes jason second place isnt bad lol, we went to the neocats tourney last night and fished 8 pm to 8 am and ended up in 4th place by like 8 ounces:embarassed: lol, i had a big fish just slammed my bait at about 6:30 this morning took off like a freight train and dropped the bait before i got the pole picked up, so i know the feeling, we weighed 6 fish and the smallest was about a 2 1/2 lb channel, i know the one the slammed my pole was prolly over 5 maybe over 10, but you never know, i spose thats why we fish lol
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    Did I mention second place sucks?:angry:

    Second place = first loser:smile2::smile2::smile2:. Proud of ya Jason, i only figured ya used green fish for bait. The top water bite has been good here early, and on cloudy days all day long. Don't think i could get a mean dog to bite a gig lately though. Bout january they'll get on the jerk bait,,,when everyone else is home. I'm fishin a winter circuit here this year and hopefully do more than freeze my tail off.