Two Experienced Sailors dead

Discussion in 'Boating' started by special liberty, Jan 9, 2007.

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    The US Navy lost two fine men last week during an open water, small boat transfer off the UK coast last week. Not to take away from the daily losses in the Middle East but two Submariners were killed topside on a U.S. Submarine due to going over the side in heavy seas. The Chief of the Boat and a First Class Petty Officer died doing their job. Both were friends and shipmates.

    Don't take heavy weather for granted, the COB and the STS1 that died as well as the CO, XO and the crew knew what they were up against; it dangerous out there - don't ever forget that!! This all happened within the sight of land!!
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    You have my condolences! And you have my prayers.:sad2:

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    Proof again that when you are in the military you do not have to be in a war zone to be placing your life in danger.
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    western kentucky
    you are in our prayers in western ky
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    That is some sad News.Prayers sent there way for there Familys and to You My Friend.Thank You For Your Service to our Country.God Bless and Keep You Brother.J.D.
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    From personal on board experience as a US Submarine crew member I want to add something here.These men are some of the most highly trained men in the world.They are trained to respond to any emergency instantly as not only individual loss of life but the loss of the vessel and all aboard can happen in a instant due to a mistake or or carelessness of one crew member.They are regularly trained for just such as this happening and go through "Man overboard"drills which are as old as the Navy.If it can happen to them,you better believe it can happen to you.It is all over with in a instant.These men died for you just as much as the ones killed by a enemy's bullet or explosion.This is happening every day in each branch of the service,to highly trained professionals,yet we often just think of the "Combat injures and deaths".We seldom have the time to talk and think about it as it happens.Tragedy and death are often instantaneous and come to the most highly trained professionals.Until we accept the fact that it can happen to us and ours.Until we think,train ourselves and rigidly enforce the rules,we are often a death trap for ourselves and our loved ones.I think that the dead are far better off than the surviver who blames their self.I have read of many dangerous things we do and have done on the BOC,where we endangered ourselves and others.I am as guilty as any.Well,it ain;t cool and we have no right to do so.If you are fortunate enough to just kill or injure yourself,what have you done to your loved ones.I love you brothers and sisters.Ex MM 2 SS,USN.peewee