Two baitcaster reels, two different problems.

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by gadzooks, Feb 3, 2006.

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    Laid off fishing for a number of years. Just got back to it this year. Unfortunately, most of my gear is old, like mid '80's. Good quality, but old. I've got two baitcasters I want to use. One is a Daiwa Millionaire 5h. It was working great, but I took it apart to clean and lubricate it. Lost one of the little springs that sit on prongs in the reel gear housing. There are supposed to be two. Where can I get another? Daiwa, I don't think, supports this reel anymore.

    My other baitcaster that needs help is a Shimano Bantam 1000 (later models were called Bantam 100 EX. Used to use this with light weight spinner baits and such, also for crappie fishing. But, the cast control isn't working properly. It seems to take about 3/8 ounce of weight to get it to drop the line, even when set on the lightest setting. The Daiwa and my Ambassduer 5600 will drop with a 1/8 oz weight. Any suggestions?

    Both reels were lightly used prior to being stored and stored with light or no drag. They're both in great shape and, as I live on disability, can't afford to buy replacements.
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    gadzooks, guess I'm a bit slow answering your post, sorry.

    On the Daiwa Millionaire 5h there are 5 or 6 springs that I saw in the schematic and parts list. I checked on 4 of these springs and they are in stock with a cost of 65 to 77 cents each. You can order the missing spring and at the same time print out a schematic and parts list for future reference. I found them at "Southwestern Parts & Repair" on the internet. Home page address is

    Click on reel parts and follow the on screen directions.

    As for the Shimano, I looked at the schematic and it seems like a pretty straight forward reel. There were several Bantom 1000 and 100 models so I am not sure which one you have. These schematics are also at "Southwestern Parts & Repair". My guess is that if the reels have not been cleaned and lubed for some time that the oil is gone and the grease is dry. I would start by giving the reel a good cleaning, parts check and lube. Pay particular attention to the level wind mechanism. It can be sticking and that will put a lot of drag on the reel.

    Good luck.