Twin siblings or parents of twins?

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    I'm just curious,but are any BOC members out there that are parents of twins or have twin siblings? I have noticed a couple of you mention something about having twins or multiples. I have a pair myself. They are 1 1/2 yr. old boy/girl twins. My wife carried them full term with no problems. They were around 6 1/2 lb. each at birth. They are very entertaining to say the least and we feel blessed to have healthy twins! Oh, by the way, their names are Carson and Anna Claire. I appreciate any replys in advance. Thanks!
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    You have broken THE # 1 cardinal posting rule. You never, ever post about your kids without including pics!!! LOL


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    I am a twin. I have a twin sister and we have been very close all of our life. She may have gotten the looks out of this deal, but i got the brains...:)

    My parents have both passed now, but i remember how they enjoyed telling the many stories of when we we young.

    Life started rough for us. The doctor had come to the house to check on mother when she went into labor. He put her into his car to take her to the hospital for delivery and then wrecked the car rolling it over , before he got her to the hospital. No injurys to anyone thank God.
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    I have three kids. A seven year old boy, then three year old twins, one boy & one girl. All I can tell you brother is good luck once they hit 3 years old. Everything else, & I am inlcuding the 1st few months when you have to get up @ 3am & rock them to sleep is NOTHING compared to the "threes". We are having lots of problems controling my 3 year old son. I think he will grow out of this, but it's extremely rough right now.