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    Saturday I took our youngest daughter to see the movie Twilight. She has all of Stephanie Meyers books on this story,and Twilight is the name of the first book. I have read all the books cause you might say I was more than curious why my little girl was reading and rereading these books. I would estimate she has probably read all the books at a very minimum of a dozen times. Makes a mother curious what is in there that has her so spellbound. The movie in my opinion is a clean good show for teenage girls. The guy who plays the vampire boyfriend is a type of character I believe all mothers would wish for their daughters. He is very protective of her innocence and refuses to do anything with her before marriage. All in all it was a great show. Now Jessica is waiting with great excitement for the next movie to come out it will be titled New Moon. She tells me that the actors have already been selected for each movie they are just waiting for the screenwriters to get the scripts to them so they can prepare for the shooting of the movie.:big_smile::big_smile::wink:Sister Pat
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    The school took all of the kids that had read the book and teken a test that asked questions abuot it and passed to see it Friday...the kids are out now so I don't know if they liked it or not, but there was something like 86 of them that got to go. Must be a really popular series for that many to be reading it and going, as our high school has some 500 kids in it roughly.

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    My daughter saw it and wants me to take her and her sister this coming weekend.I'll let them watch it and find something else to watch.
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    Went with the fiance Friday night to see it. I have never red the books but it was a decent movie. She really enjoyed it and said that it followed the book really well. She also can't wait until the next movie comes out.
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    My son was wanting me to let him see that movie, and this actually helps me out a lot. I wasn’t sure because I was worried it would have to much violence and other stuff. Thanks