Twelfth Person Dies In Daytona Bike Week Accident

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    A twelfth motorcyclist has died in a crash associated with this year's Bike Week celebration, according to a Local 6 News report.

    A Daytona Beach nurse slammed into a motorcyclist Friday afternoon in the most recent fatality.

    "(The nurse) said, 'I killed somebody, I killed somebody,'" witness Robin Jones said. "And I said, 'It was an accident.' Bless her heart."

    Earlier, police said two brothers from Pennsylvania slammed into the side of a Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaner van Friday.

    Florida Highway Patrol troopers said the van's driver pulled out in front of them and never saw the motorcycles coming.

    One of the motorcyclists was killed instantly in the crash. The other brother was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

    "You have every idiot in the world pulling out in front of a motorcycle and they can't stop it in time," a resident told Local 6 News Friday night. "It is just a real shame."

    Troopers said alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the crash -- only a driver who was not paying attention.

    Last Friday, the first day of Bike Week, a Georgia man was killed and his wife seriously injured in a crash on International Speedway Boulevard.

    Bike Week, which brings thousands of bikers from around the country to Daytona, continues through Sunday.

    Eight motorcycle-related deaths were reported during last year's event.

    expect there will be even more SHEESH
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    about 6 years ago when me and a couple of buddies rode our harleys down to bike week we almost got creamed down there tween the idiot cage drivers that dont pay attention and then the idiots on the rice rockets that do stupid things and you come around a corner and find them wiped out and almost slam into them. been there wont go back again. ill stick with sturgis and the redwood run where its sane and the majority is harleys infact redwood run you wont fine a rice grinder anywhers.

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    I used to love to ride.Sold my last bike before daughter#1 was born.

    It was my choice,wife didn,t say anything.

    Just wasn,t worth the risk to me.....I can control myself,but have no control over the other drivers.
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    I sold my iron horse just after my son was born too. Could not stand to think of orphaning my son due to an old lady pulling out in front of me. I will get another one when I get older.....maybe.

    Depends upon how much my catfishin boat costs when I get home.