'Twas the night before WV gun season...

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    Just about ready, WV gun season opens in the morn. Good Luck and be sure to run one my way


    twas the night before the season and all through the house, not a creature was sleeping, not even my spouse. bouncing through my head, visions so clear, of slick headed does, and big wapiti deer... good luck to everybody. be safe.

    'Twas the night before deer season
    Outdoor notes compiled while thinking it's time I did an outdoor rhyme. So here goes, some outdoors prose:
    'Twas the night before deer season and all through the house
    You could hear the harsh words of the hunter's spouse.
    "What is the matter, what's wrong with you?
    "You're acting weird; I don't have a clue!"
    "You've been in the basement, been in the attic;
    "You're trying to give me a heart attactic!
    "After all, it's been a whole year;
    "You should be prepared to go after a deer!"
    The hunter heard her but didn't respond;
    He didn't know what he was doing was wrong.
    The fishing had been good all during the fall.
    And deer preparations had shrunk kinda small.
    There were pheasants to chase, ducks to stalk.
    It had been warm and he liked just to walk.
    Sure, you always wanna be nice to your wife,
    But you always need to have a sharp knife.
    So he spends a few minutes honing his blade,
    Wondering where the long underwear is laid.
    Where's the gloves, where's the thermos?
    The night of deer season sure is a mess.
    Four phone calls to his deer-hunting friend
    And hunting strategies for the morn never end.
    His boots are laid by the door with care
    But where, oh where, is the long underwear?
    He looks for a knick-knack, looks for a trifle,
    He's found the ammo, didn't forget the rifle.
    Where's the binocs, where's the flashlight?
    Is he sure the alarm clock is set alright?
    A vision of big bucks run through his head
    As he slaps ham and Swiss cheese on rye bread.
    It's all finally done, and done with great care,
    But where, oh where, is the long underwear?