tuttle creek

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  1. medford

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    pleasant h
    i never see anything on tuttle creek does no one fish it or it just no good to fish there:cool2:
  2. Katatonik

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    Ogden, Kansas,
    I tend to fish downstream of Tuttle because I am used to it. Some of my
    buddies on the site are slowly talking me into trying out main lake banksites
    to fish from especially on the upper end of the lake near the bridge pylons.
    The lake is intimidating to me because it is so big and I only have a row
    boat to work with. If I had maps, sonar and a butload of GPS waypoints,
    the situation would be a lot different, of course. But at the outlet, I just
    pick my way down the rip-rap and fish the current with a big bobber.