Tuscarawas River Cattin' 5-24

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    Fished the Tusc River tonight from 6 pm to midnight for my clubs catfish tournament, the bite was TOUGH !! i was out 2 times earlier in the week and tried 2 new areas that id never fished before and had fish within the first half an hour but MAN ..........they had lock jaw tonight !! i went from 6 till around 10:30 without a single hit........i tried live creek chubs.........cut shad.........cut creek chubs.......live bluegills and the fish didnt want anything to do with it. i was just about ready to pack up and try a different spot when i had a good run on a live bluegill and landed a 5 lbs 14 oz channel cat. for the next 30-45 mins i had non stop bites but could not land a fish (i had 4 others on that just came off). i was using a small 3/0 gamakatsu inline circle hook...........do you guys think maybe a larger hook would help me out with landing more fish ?? the fish all ran good and loaded up the rod before i took it out of the rod holder and i started cranking slowly and they just came off about halfway into the bank !! should i be "setting" the hook at all on the circle hooks or just picking up the rod out of the holder and cranking slowly like i did ??

    Thanks for any advice !!