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    I have been fishing in a couple of local ponds, one is a mile from my house and the other is twenty miles from my house.
    The latter is the one I like the best!
    But for convience I often fish the closet pond with my daughter as she loves to catch perch.

    The last couple of times I have been there, I have caught turtles four in total, and one the size of a car wheel.
    I use the same bait and method in each pond, the pond that is twenty miles away I have caught some nice fish with no problems or turtles

    What is wrong with the closer pond is it infested with turtles, what should I do with a turtle that I catch, and no I am not going to try and remove the hook from the mouth of a turtle that is as big as a wheel on my car.

    On the other hand I stayed till ten last night fishing at the closer pond, I had a colman lantern going and the water became lively as darkness fell. First time I have night fished in many years and I did catch a small catfish, not much but fun nonetheless.

    Still the turtle thing is irritating me, should I just forget about this pond and invest my time in the better pond twenty miles away?
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    I have the same problem with Turtles, I guess u have to deal with them.

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    hmmmm, turtle soup is startin to sound good. :big_smile:
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    What is wrong with the closer pond is it infested with turtles, what should I do with a turtle that I catch, and no I am not going to try and remove the hook from the mouth of a turtle that is as big as a wheel on my car.

    Those are most likely soft shell turtles your catching if there that big.If they were snappers youd know it.You didnt say how big the pond was but my guess is the turtles are pecking at your bait before a fish even approaches it.Ive caught these turtles even on Wheatie ball.You asked what should you do with the turtles? Id first ask anyone you might know who might be interested in them and knows how to clean them if they want them if not giveup fishing there or :roll_eyes:

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    We had a pond like that so we made up some jug used cut bait on them and when the turtles get on they will come to the bank (most of the time) Grab them by the tail and load them up in you truck or trunk alot of the time a fish market or bait shop will buy them or know some one that will want them to eat OR you can take a .22 and shot them ( I like to eat them) just not the one with the green stripe on there heads!!!!!!!!!If you let them stay in one pond they will eat all the fish and then move to another pond!!!!!
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    yea I knew, I have alot problem with snapper turtles while fishing catfish... I cannot remove the hook this snapper because they are gonna bite and have to cut the line then just release it.... I hate to say here, other guy caught this turtle and he took the big rock and hit the turtle's shell.. It's pretty damage then it was dead and left it on shore... Its not looking right to me..
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    Just Do What I Do And Take Your .22 Or .410 With Ya And Have Target Practice Because They Will Devastate Your Pond If Left To Do As They Please.... They Will Not Only Eat ALOT Of The Fish In There But Also Dig Holes In The Dam Searching For Anything They Can Find. That Will Make Your Dam Week And Pos. Wash Out...... I Am Only Talking From Past Confrontations With Them. They Have Made Me Loose Two Ponds In 2 Years. They Went From One To The Other To There Grave!!!
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    Turtles are protected around here during thier egg laying peroid , which is now . They get so hungry they eat everyones bait and we often catch them .They are snappers and they are mean and ugly , we just cut the line , and leave them go . The 1st of July comes and things get back to normal,The middle of July turtle season opens and many people trap them for the commercial market , or to eat , revenge is sweet!
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    Anyone have a good turtle soup recipe?
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    go to the turtle page for ways to catch ,clean and eat your peskey friends \ I mean yummy