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    Hello all,
    I began Catfishing last summer. I primarily was fishing out at Lake Jacomo. I started off using Nightcrawlers, then to Chicken Liver, Shrimp a few times and finally was turned onto Live and Cut Bait.
    No matter which bait I was using, I continuously was getting bites from turtles, actually reeling in several soft shelled turtles throughout the summer.
    Is there a certain way to prepare your bait, or anything specific a guy can do to wart off the turtles? I was also wandering if anyone could explain to me, Is there a certain way a turtle will hit or take a bait that would allow the angler to know that it is a turtle and not a Cat?

    Thanks to everyone for their input

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    SW Ohio
    Im sure Dinkbuster will reply and since he is the President of our SW Ohio Turtle Wranglers association, he is truly a turtle magnet. I took 16 turtles last year and he easily doubled me.

    We use a lot of cut shad and circle hooks and typically the turtle hits will be short little pecks a lot like a smaller channel cat. ( but not always) so there is no real way to know until you set the hook and feel the dead weight....:crazy:
    I suggest learning how to neck grab the soft shells so you can get your hooks back or at least get some 11" long nose pliers if your a big wussy like me.

    In the Spring we fish as much current as we can find and that seems to help keep some of the turtles away but in the heat of the summer, our river is almost a trickle and then the turtles are everywhere. Try to fish on rock.cobbles instead of mud flats, that will help a bit too.

    Heck with the winter we have had, the pull of a big soft shell sounds pretty good right now.....:eek:oooh:


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    And if you care to take advantage of catching the turtles they are also pretty good eating. Was raised in mid Illinois where snapping turtles are plentiful and used to catch alot of them as a kid, my Grandma would fry them up after we cleaned the turtle and if I recall they were pretty good---taste like chicken. No I'm not sure what they tasted like I do know that the neck was all white meat and me and my cousin used to fight over it. I've also heard that soft shell was also very good to eat, I know that they mainly make soup oout of turtle so eating them might be an option, if you can't stop catching them. I know alot of people that I've told around here can't believe that I would eat such a nasty animal, however they'll eat a channel cat which I think is probably nastier, since they are the scavangers.
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    I've caught only one turtly my entire life until last year. I lost count last year on how many I caught. I named it the "YEAR OF THE TURTLE". This year has already been named the "YEAR OF THE SEA GULL"! I've caught two already!!!!!!!!!!! Never caught one of those before.:lol:
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    That's good! Gave me a good chuckle.:haha:

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    yeah salmonid is right dinkbuster is probly the best turtle man on this site :lol: pm him if he doesnt show up
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    That's enough to make me want to fish some where else. What kind of water are you fishing, shallow, deep, murky clear,? I have usually seen alot of turtles in shallow murky water, ex: creek, channels, sloughs, ect. but I haven't seen alot fishing deep holes. I'd try deep water, that's usually where the blues are.
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    Pennsylvania Wi
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    ive caught turtles on almost everything. seems like though the smaller the body of water the more there are turtles in my case.