Turtle Grabbing... good story

Discussion in 'Turtle Talk' started by kat buster, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Ok here is how the story goes. Me and my friend went camping this week. There was a creek running through the camp ground with tons of craw dads. So we wanted to see how craw dads tasted. So we where walking down the creek and I I was going to go lift up this big log in this 3ft hole. But I seen something moving in there. I thought it was a fish but my friend yelled SNAPPER!:waaaht: Of course I got out of the water as fast as I could. But my crazy friend stayed in the water. So I found a big stick and tried to get the turtle to bite the stick to pull him out but he wouldn't. So I prided him out of the log jam and my crazy friend grabbed it by the tail. Then I stuck a stick in its mouth to keep it off my friends legs. Then we took it to a camp sight that was not in use and cleaned it on the picnic table.:big_smile: After that we ate some of it. We through the guts behind one of the camp sights.:big_smile_2:

    Well thats the end.
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    You should let em clean out for a few days at least. Tastes a whole lot better that way.

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    Sounds like a crazy night LOL. Its a good thing that you and your friend were safe and apparently not hungry. Good story.
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    If it is legal throw the guts into the creek for crawdad food or use them for bait.
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    how big was the turtle say there good eating