Turtle fishing

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    took my boys fishn today they caught my bait , small blue gill and crappie we fished my cousin's pond hes got a turtle eating his hatchlings il show pics in the AM , said the monster turtles have eaten 8 he has 4 left
    the boys caught a dozen crappie and bluegill smaller than yer hand and codylee managed a 14" one which he chose to cpr (well trained huh) i caught one turtle on a bluegill head suspended 3' down he is in the back of my truck till mornin when he meets my knife i doubt he has ate a ducklin but ill find out if i find feathers
    plan on hitting the dam today to show the boys the lock while theres no current in the water and fish on the down river side of markland dam im sure they will enjoy that we will hit the observation tower first
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    That is very nice Charles!