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turtle fishing Iowa

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I have many ponds full of turtles I just need some one to catch them with,clean, and eat with any takers? lol
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Sounds good Dave, I have got my share of snappers here in IA. So far to date I have got 661 snappers. Have a turtle fry every year.
mmmm turtle fry ......thats alot of turtles I just like catching them I would love to find a buddy to go with me
Looked at the map and it just looks like you are to far away. With the price of gas the way it is, it's just to far of a drive. You need to find a closer buddy.
Good luck with those turtles.
lol seems always the case I do travel abit to newton clinton bettendorff muscatine and fort madison
Dave, I have responded to your post a couple of times by PMs but I probably screwed them up. Anyway when you are coming to the Quad Cities let me know and I will show you first hand how I catch snappers with a turtle board setup. There was a thread on the old BOC site where I posted a drawing but I don't know if they can be retrieved or not.

Perhaps in the spring I can get away and come down your way to show you first hand how I catch, clean, and cook them. Schoe
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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