Turning ponds

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Catmaster, May 6, 2006.

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    You know how ponds turn over in the spring? What kind of effect does that have on the catfish?
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    I havnt really heard of ponds turning over. Unless you got some deep deep ponds I dont think it happens often. I could be wrong.

    When lakes go through there cycle basically when summer kicks in the water begins to seperate and produce the thermocline. The area where warm oxygen rich water is on top and cold oxygen deprived water goes down. Fish will prefer to generally go down to the cooler water and where the light doesnt pentrate as much but becuase of the low oxygen they cant stay there long. During this time youll find the fish mostly in the thermocline. Later when the lake turns over the water and oxygen begin to mix and the fish will return to there deeper spots.

    Atleast thats how its been explained to me. The best example for this in my experience was last year when we hooked an 18# blue in 30 foot of water in the summer on a jugline and it died from lack of oxygen becuase if had bit on a hook doiwn below the thermocline.